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New appreciation
Electricity industry energy-saving lighting lighting response national low carbon green LED policy
10 years of air purification technology, shaping the industry leading level.

Ten years of professional experience in air purification, to create low-cost high-efficiency dust removal products in ad

Industry-leading low-carbon environmentally friendly products

"Purification works, air purification supplies, filter paper, filter cotton, filters, home air purification technology and sy

Professional R & D and construction team

Relying on a strong R & D team, improve the quality of testing and efficient production for the manufacture&nb

A full range of products and services

"Tianhao environmental protection" will, as always, uphold the "national well-known brands" business philosophy, promote purificat

Air purification all-round one-stop dust in addition to taste project cooperation

Environmental protection, industry-leading, one-stop service

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    Factory direct supply, professional manufacturing!

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    Variety complete, diverse styles, sample custom!

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    Professional product technical support and after-sales service!

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    Products supporting one-stop service, on-demand custom!

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    The authority of the state sector testing, with the rest assured that the sale of peace of mind!

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    Generous product advertising promotion, the user more acceptable!

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    Full training, long-term tracking service, so you no worries!

Hao Peng quality assurance
Leading research and development teamLeading research and development team

Tian Hao environmental protection was founded in 2008, focusing on clean technology

Perfect matching products and servicesPerfect matching products and services

In order to improve the environment, pay attention to health, and reduce the operating costs of enterprises have&nb

Professional production manufacturer Professional production manufacturer

Focus on clean technology and project research and development, clean, clean engineering design and construction, air pu

about us
about us
Shenzhen Haotian Peng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, focusing on clean technology and project research and development, clean, clean design and construction, air purification systems and supplies, laboratory ventilation works, air purification equipment, painting room, no Environmental testing company, the products are widely used in industrial spraying, automobile factory, the company is located i...【View details
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The pictures in thirteen (FAW Group products to discuss cooperation)
The pictures in th...

The pictures in thirteen (FAW Group products to discuss cooperation)

Tian Peng environmental filtration products a superb collection of beautiful things.
Tian Peng environm...

Tian Peng environmental filtration products a superb collection of beautiful things.

The engineering case
Electric lighting industry
Ask Automobile painting process?
AnsSeveral general paint are: ordinary paint; metallic paint; pearlescent paint. The ordinary paint is needless to say, resin, pigments and additives. The metallic powder; so after looks bright. Pearl pa...
Ask The real car spray paint how good?
AnsPaint, paint the door to the location, air circulation, baking room temperature rises rapidly to a predetermined drying temperature (55 C and 60 C). Fan outside fresh air early after filtration, gas c...
Ask Air and exhaust gas monitoring instrument uses?
AnsFor online monitoring of pollution source smoke and dust emission process (concentration or total), including the measurement of relevant parameters: flow rate, O2, moisture content and temperature, i...
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